Sterilcoat AM Coating

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Sterilcoat AM is a range of antimicrobial powder coatings showing a high reducing activity against a broad spectrum of micro-organisms such as bacteria, yeasts and molds, including antibiotic-resistant bacteria ("superbugs" e.g. MRSA). 

Antimicrobial Properties

Sterilcoat AM shows a long-lasting action thanks to a controlled release of the active component.

The antimicrobial activity remains up to a temperature of 300° C and pH range between 1 and 13.  This is far beyond the exposure limits of standard powder coating.


Antimicrobial Properties

- Reduction of bacterial population after 24hr contact with Sterilcoat AM coated product 

Sterilcoat AM has long-term functionality and multiple antimicrobial mechanism that inhibit membrane transport process, prevents cell multiplication and interrupts cell metabolism.  

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Additional Benefits

The antimicrobial principle in Sterilcoat AM doesn't show skin irritation, is non-sensitizing and non-mutagenic.  The antibacterial ingredient in Sterilcoat AM complies with the requirements for food contact (EPA, FDA, NSF, EFSA).

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