Custom Etching

Personalized Details

Most trim options can be designed to match any room aesthetic or theme in an effort to create a more inviting, soothing, and personalized healing environment. From original artwork, to favorite characters, or corporate logos - possibilities are endless.

Crescent Mortise Trim
Crescent Mortise Trim
Crescent Mortise Trim
Crescent Cylindrical Trim
Ligature Resistant Mirrors

Custom Applications

For Retrofit + Special Applications

New door hardware can improve safety standards and bring doors to compliance. Many times, special applications and retrofit scenarios require specific modifications. From custom size and shape plates, to special ligature resistant handles and applications, we are committed to developing unique solutions for the most challenging doors.

Crescent Cylindrical Set

Furnished with custom plate for a door with a window

Glass Patch Crescent Pull

For reception area glass doors

Narrow Crescent Pull

For narrow stile doors