Crescent Motor Drive Electrified Latch Retraction Mortise Set

Allows Touchless Entry for Infection Control

The new CH M9100ELR-SEC utilizes Motor Drive Electrification to retract the latch of the mechanical lock allowing access without grasping exterior door hardware.  When paired with Ligature Resistant Crescent Handles, it is an ideal solution within behavioral healthcare facilities.  Easily activated with a credential, hospital staff does not need to continually touch door handles.  This electrified solution helps stop the spread of infection by allowing access with a simple push.

Product Information

+ UL Listing Pending

+ Grade 1 Certified to ANSI/BHMA A156.13.2005 Standard

+ Meets BHMA 156.34 Ligature Resistant Trim Standard

+ Backsets: 2-3/4" standard (3-3/4", 5", 6" are available special order)

+ Operation: Key cylinder (by others) will override electronics to retract latch bolt

+ Functions: CH M9158ELR, CH M9159ELR, CH M9125ELR

+ 24VDC +/110%

   500mA MAX Inrush

   200mA MAX Holding

   Non-polarized Leads

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Door is locked when latch is extended


When proximity reader* is activated, latch is retracted to open door.

*Access control components by others.

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